Does anyone else wonder if Death in the Family was rigged?

@DeSade-acolyte To be fair I remember the reaction that they were killed him, and a lot of people didn’t realize it wasn’t Dick Grayson they killed, because non-comic readers had no idea someone else was Robin at that point.

Incedentally, I hope this isn’t Spam, I in no way have any relations to this YouTube channel. But the YouTube channel Casually Comics did a video about the whole death of Jason Todd, the surrounding events, the reaction and the possibility the vote had been rigged. Was a good video and seems like it would be interest to people reading this thread.

They got the fans to make A vote on who to kill and the majority picked Jason.

Somebody with a bit of cash had an auto phone dialer and voted for Jason to die. It took a while but they got the list of all calls. Their was a numbers that called a lot and stuffed one ballot box. But, there was nothing in the rules that said you couldn’t call more than once, so those votes stood.

This whole “it was a grand conspiracy” is just nonsense.

From what I’ve heard, Jim Starlin was against Robin as a concept and hated Jason Todd specifically. So while it’s never been said, there is a chance he might have killed him off anyway. I mean, they’ve shown the follow up page since then, where Batman finds Robin and cheerfully proclaims the battered boy wonder as still alive. However, Starlin could have just as easily written in a second scenario where Jason is on hand in the UN and Joker shoots him in the head on the way out. That way tptb could say…”we always planned to kill him! We just wanted to play with you guys.”

I wonder what that guy with the auto call thinks about Red Hood.