Does this club exist and if not can we make it?

Is there already a Nightwing fan club? If so I would like to join. If not can we make one? We could read and analyze his stories, discuss his place in the large scale of the DCU, campaign for his first animated movie and series since they’re both long overdue, discuss his ships, hate “Ric” DOWN WITH AMNESIAC RIC!!! … and just be Dick Grayson fans.

I haven’t seen a Nightwing club, next month in middle of January they’ll reopen the club submission, you can start your own Nightwing club.:slightly_smiling_face:

I have thought once or twice that maybe I should’ve created the Robin Book Club instead of narrowing myself to Jason. :stuck_out_tongue:

But hey, have at it.

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Heya! We’ll be opening club submissions up again in early January, we’d love to see this concept submitted. Keep your eye on the Watchtower for announcements when club considerations re-open!

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