Doll House Family #4 [Content Warning: Nudity & Profanity]

[Content Warning: Nudity & Profanity]

“Alice’s worst nightmare has come true: the Dollhouse has returned…and if it can’t have her, it’ll settle for her daughter! And as horrible as her prior experiences with the House have been, they’re nothing compared to what it’s been able to come up with after 20 years of waiting…”

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[Content Warning: Nudity & Profanity]
I’m really loving this story!

From the flashes into the past…

…to the creepy cave monsters…

…I think we’re finally getting a good look at where the Doll House came from and what the Black Room wants…or…what the Black Room even is!

Images like this really make me appreciate this story as a good Horror Comic:

And you knew exactly what was about to happen when you saw this:

I can’t say this is my favorite Hill House Comic, but it do really enjoy it!!!