Doom Patrol (1987-) #1

Doom Patrol (1987-) #1

This book came out around the same time as the Chicago Comic Con in 1987. It was the last day of the convention, and this 16 year old had already spent all of his money. I was talking with Paul Kupperberg and everyone was coming up to him and having him sign the book. Some people came to him with piles of the book. I commented to Mr Kupperberg that I would be the only person in the Chicagoland area without a signed copy. He told me to go buy a copy so he could sign it. When I told him I had spent my money he reached into his pocket, pulled out a buck, and told me to go buy it. Nicest guy ever. I read the book the whole time he was on it, and when this new jerk Grant Mor-something took over, I gave him an issue, but I could tell he was going nowhere. Whatever happened to that guy anyways?


Fun story, although I have to admit I feel a little lost with who some of the characters are. : )


Warning this comic includes beautiful artwork from Steve Lightle! You have been warned!


Just started reading into this series. I’m confused by several of the characters, but I’m very excited for the adventure they’re all about to go on!

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I loved this rebirth series of Doom Patrol. Still my favorite.