[Doom Patrol Club] Doom Patrol Comics (1987-): Issues #39-44 (December 1st- 31st)

Cliff and Jane explore the aliens’ homeworld known as The Mesh—and are viciously attacked by a Smoke Dog!

Welcome Doomsters to the monthly topic of December! This month we’re continuing with the grant morroison run of this great team! and this time they face off against alien dogs oh my! and so much more! also there will soon be a collab annoucement coming out soon…so watch out for it in the pm :wink:

Ofc here’s the link for getting started—> Doom Patrol Comics(1987-): Issues#39-44

And the questions for this reading is…:
1.) What was your favorite moment out of these 6 issues and why?

2.) Also which character do you like the most?

As always I love to hear what you have to say/discuss below…and Let’s Discuss! :robotman_dp:

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Really good set of issues! :robotman_dp: