Doom Patrol is so good!

I know I’m way behind on this. I don’t binge watch much.
I’m about halfway through Doom Patrol and, damn, it’s good. It’s clever, fresh, and hilarious in the best places. I love how off the wall the content can be. Once I feel I understand something, something else happens and the rules change. I’m never lost, but it is very unpredictable.
My favorite character is Cliff. His reactions feel very natural.


I completely agree. Doom Patrol is best tv show I have seen in a while.


Cliff: what the @#$%!
JQuinzelle, me, everyone: i agree with cliff


Oh, my favorite was Crazy Jane. Man, what an awesome role for an actor to get to play.


IMO it’s the best show DC Universe has done. Alan Tudyk (Mr. Nobody) IS SO FRIGGIN’ GREAT as a character. The scene of him with all of the “swag” merch is hilarious.

edit: I can’t even imagine how great of a show it could be if it were done on HBO like the new Watchmen series (which I’m really excited about after watching the first episode)


But it’s so good being produced here! I vote we leave it just as is. HBO Max can share, but it’s DC Universe’s toy to play with!!


Doom Patrol is my favorite DCU show! It’s so different and crazy from the other superhero shows, and I absolutely love that. Wait until you see the season finale.


It’s an amazing show. I should mention the podcast “The Arkham Sessions” will be doing an episode by episode look at it, if anyone is interested. “The Arkham Sessions” is done by Brian Ward and Dr Andrea Letamendi, a clinical psychologist. The series used to do episode by episode breakdowns of the psychology of Batman the Animated Series and related (they’re out of episodes) and Doom Patrol will be the target of more psychological review. Should be pretty good.


that sounds cool, @Chaoticmuse! thanks for sharing

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I didn’t even know this show existed until I was looking into when Titans Season 2 started. I thought they were weird AF when I first saw them in Titans, but I was intrigued. I watched that episode again and realized it was Brendan Frasier making me laugh. It was already 5 months after the last episode was released when I subscribed. I just finished watching the whole season a week ago so I could take my time. It’s one of the few shows that I have to watch when I have nothing going on and won’t be distracted. It’s one of the only shows that I’ve ever gone back to re-watch an episode of after just seeing it the week before. I subscribed to DC just to see it and I’m looking forward to season 2. The cast is just amazing. The comedy and chemistry between Brendan and Diane Guerrero is so perfect. I constantly rewind their scenes and laugh even harder the 2nd, 3rd, 4th viewing. The range of characters Diane is able to pull off just blows me away. She has so much talent.

The humor and swearing, god I love the swearing!! It’s so appropriate and the timing is just perfect!! It’s gold. I absolutely love and adore crazy Jane since the first time I saw her. Diane is amazing and Hammerhead is the best. Please don’t change a thing. As Jane would probably say, don’t F it up.

PS. I love the show’s theme. It’s perfect.

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Anyone that likes Doom Patrol needs to watch these (2) videos made by fans. They’re edited with the song Control by Halsey. Listen to the words and watch the videos, they fit the show perfectly. Since you can’t include links on this forum (which is so lame & stupid), you’ll need to go to YouTube and search:

Doom Patrol Music Video || Control
Crazy Jane - Doom Patrol || Control