Doom Patrol... Lack of Aging

Ok it seems that our heroes are all at least 50yrs old and don’t age. Cliff and Rita are obvious, but what about the rest? Larry’s still in his 80s-90s underneath those bandages. Sure I guess the negative spirit could be the reason, but I don’t think thats one of its powers. I guess one of Jane’s 64 keep the body young, but they haven’t explained it, unless I missed it.

Can someone please explain whats going on with the lack of aging here


Without diving too deeply into spoilery waters, it looks like the next episode may touch on this topic.


Awesome thanks!

I asked the same thing after we found out Niles was in Paraguay during Mr Nobody’s transformation. That was in the 30’s, Niles is at least a century old, barring any time travel shenanigans that I can definitely see him getting in.