There’s going to be announcements at SDCC about Doom Patrol. Stoked. It’s one of our favorites. There’s also going to be an exclusive signing with the cast. My wife’s already put all her exclusive points toward it.


@ShiroKuroh That’s amazing! Hope the signing goes well

@DeSade-acolyte HQ?

They will be renewing it for a second season.


I wouldn’t be surprised if Doom Patrol wasn’t moved to Netflix for a second season. It could be a replacement for the deal with Marvel now that they are making Sandman.

Honestly, I felt that Young Justice was a disappointment, and the previews for Titans didn’t look that great. The trailer for Doom Patrol, though, made it look interesting, and, along with the upcoming Harley Quinn series, was what got me to finally break down and buy a subscription. Titans, it turned out, had some issues with pacing, but turned out better than it’s previews made it look like it would be. I’m largely ignoring Young Justice.

Well said! DC characters are often defined by thier strengths…“the fastest man alive, the world’s greatest detective” But Doom Patrol is a totally different kind of story.

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Doom Patrol was a favorite of mine since I bought MY GREATEST ADVENTURE #80 because I liked the cover. I was 15.

I picked it back up with V2 in '87. Kept slogging through that book until #19, when I joyfully found that the guy who wrote ANIMAL MAN, which eventually broke the 4th wall, and made it horrifying, was shaking things up, one might say. It was followed by a, well, inferior story line. I had bought every copy by the time it was cancelled.

I was overjoyed to see the weirdness of Morrison return, and was happy to see that the original stories are a jumping-off point, not story by story.

I want to see Mr. Nobody v2, the guy he was in Morrison’s run, whom even DANNY liked.

Doom Patrol isn’t that unique, I’ll give ya that their first appearance was 2 years before Metamorpho, who is also a tragic figure who struggles with his own self loathing. Even in more modern incarnations there are folks like the Red Hood & Orphan who have their own brokenness and they struggle to find their “heroic selves”. Marvel has both Ben Grimm and Bruce Banner. So the idea of mentally/emotionally damaged heroes given powers through tragedy is nothing that new or unique.

DP is a good show, I like it and it is done well. However it’s not earth shattering or unique, even among the superhero tv/film genre.

They said that at SDCC they’re gonna have stuff for Titans, Doom Patrol, Stargirl, and Harley Quinn. So since Stargirl and Harley Quinn are coming soon and Titans has a second season coming, I would assume that they’re gonna announce a 2nd season of Doom Patrol there as they did not mention Swamp Thing which has been cancelled

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I am still flabbergasted that they ACTUALLY DID IT! Like they didn’t tone it down! They didn’t screw it up to reach a “larger demographic”. I got DANNY! ON FREAKING TV!

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I just this week finished watching all of Doom Patrol. I especially liked Rita. Back in the day, we felt Rita got off lucky compared to Larry and Cliff. Grow. shrink, stretch, not too bad. Now, looking at how she has to put herself together every morning. And falling through the register into the furnace was a great complication. But it HAS to be renewed!!! Especially considering the situation they were in at the end of the finale! MAKE SEASON TWO!!!

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I definitely want to see the next season, but I was a bit annoyed by the end of the season. I like a season of a show to be about something and wrap up that season’s story while teasing another story for the next season at the very end. Doom Patrol started suggesting Chief had something to do with the characters accidents around the half way point of the season and started building up that suspicion as they went, and yet we didn’t really see the payoff of that story. That bugs me.