Doom Patrols newest member: Mr. All

          Once the proud star quarterback for star city U, William Stuart was exposed by a new chemical compound that would either activate ones latent meta-human abilities or increase there power level. It all started when he had just scored the winning touch down against Gatham U, when all of a sudden a thick green cloud approached the stadium at a rapid pace. As the crowd fled with panic and terror, all William could do is to stand in shock at what was approaching him with great intensity. He could see specks of lighting  and energy flicker off the oncoming cloud. As the cloud hit him like a punch to the gut, he could feel a surge of pure energy and euphoria coarse through his body as he slowly hit the ground . When he awoke, Will could only see the pale  wall patterns and the atrocities his body had indored when the mist hit . He could see his arms stretched across the room like a rubberband and his whole body covered in a bright purple glow. 
           William tried so hard to shout out for someone, anyone to help him, but he could only speak in a soft mutter. Unfortunately he lost all of his hair and his eyes became nothing but a shade of milky white with a hint of grey. The door at the end of the room flung open with wheel chair bound man entering with great bost. "Finally," he said with great intent, "you're awake; Good. Mr. Stuart, I'm afraid that you've been in a terrible accident. See, you were hit by a new chemical compound that has made you cellular structure has become very unstable. It seems as though your cells are constantly changing". "I'm sorry, what?" Will said with a puzzled look. "It means that I can't determine what is happening to you or why. My name is Niles Colder and I'm gonna need you to stay calm and relax". 
            As Will tried so desperately to lift his arms and escape, he heard Mr. Colder call for a man by the name of Cliff, but it wasn't a man. Turns out it was a seven foot tall robot that toward over Will like a giant. One minute he was staring at an emotional robot and then the next he could see nothing but darkness. When he awoke, Will could here the sound of a man and a woman arguing about god knows what and his hamds back to normal, but not so mutch for his glowing personality. He got out of the bed with a walker in hand and looked around the corner to see what the commotion was. Will could see what looked to be a mummy in a trench coat and a woman in a fifties style dress arguing.

Sorry to all who think this is the only draft of this story. Don’t worry, this is only part one. More will follow later, but this is only a rough draft and I do apologize for any misleading.