Download Comics

There should be a button, to download all the comics for a story arc or series. Instead going to every individual issue and downloading each one at a time

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Uh there’s only a few services I know of that download offline, and none of them do that. Top picks being Kindle/Comixology. Neither of those allow you to download multiple issues even if you own multiple of the same. Another example being episodes on Netflix. You can’t download a whole season at a time. You have to do each episode at a time. So with a due respect to ask for it here seems a little out of place. You can only read a comic so fast and it takes 30 seconds to download so it’s no big deal

It’s just a preference that I would prefer to make this app little more enjoyable for myself and maybe there are other who feels this way. Instead of going through each individual issue when, you can hit one button download them all at once.

Who are you to say my comment is outta place?

I didn’t say it IS out of place, just that it SEEMS so due to the examples I listed. I’m sure the developers will read this and take it into account of how it’s possible. I also have been trying to think of a way you could download in a string. The only way I can think of is to make folders downloadable. Similar how you can add various songs to a playlist on Spotify to download offline, but adding all your comics to one folder. Then you can even go as far to download multiple arcs at once