Elongated Man and Plastic Man

Is there a difference between Elongated Man and Plastic Man? Who do you guys like better?

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Elongated man is a detective and serious. Plastic man is golfy but popular


Well the main difference is plastic man’s stretching ability is infinite while Elongated man’s is more finite. Meaning Plastic man can do stuff like form shapes and stretch incredibly long distances. Also Plastic man can form holes in his body, Elongated man can not. The one edge Elongated man has over Plastic man are his detective skills.

Yes… but has anyone ever seen Elongated Man and Plastic Man in the same place at the same time?

Plastic Man is loony

And, when a DC editor asked a DC writer to invent the Elongated Man, it was because said editor didn’t know he had the rights to Plastic man-- or, possibly just the name. Ralph Dibney could have been the Plastic Man of Earth 1!

Just in the cartoons

They’re two seperate characters with seperate backgrounds.

I like Plastic Man this much more stretches arms out than Elongated Man, but they’re both cool.

Flash Facts: Jeremy Piven voiced Elongated Man on Justice League Unlimited. Tom “SpongeBob” Kenny voiced Plas on Batman: The Brave and the Bold, while Dana “Shake from Aqua Teen Hunger Force” Snyder played Plas on Justice League Action.


Little history fact. While DC was waiting on rights, or so the artist thought, he created Ralph Dibney cuz he wanted a stretchy guy. The director of DC said, we have the rights to plastic man, why did u create another stretchy character. He said, well, I guess we have 2 stretchy guys now. Because he already released the comic.

Psssst I sorta covered that already LOL

Oops just saw that Misfit my bad. I should’ve looked b4 I leaped but I was extremely confident nobody would’ve said that. All props to u my friend, great minds & all.

And they both came out before that guy in the blue suit with a number on his chest.