Elongated Man fired from The Flash

That would probably just draw attention to them. They can still be read after being deleted from twitter.

He actually deleted his account before joining the flash. These have surfaced through screenshots of the posts from before they were
(I’m pretty sure I’m right, but please correct me if I’m wrong)


There are a couple of differences from the Gunn Disney comparison; the current climate makes this type of revelation particularly damaging and second unfortunately for him accepting his apology is risky.

James Gunn is a comedy writer who made made some distasteful jokes. said something along the lines of 'the joke that makes you laugh and the joke that offends you come from the same place- a comedian trying to make you laugh. Some jokes work, and some don’t. But you can’t know until you try, and knowing exactly where the line is and when you’ve crossed it in that industry is tricky. So that’s why Gunn still has a job.

What this guy said (I’d go Google what his name is but it isn’t worth learning)…there’s no excusing what he said without also endorsing it.


I haven’t seen his tweets yet, but from what I hear they’re pretty offensive. I saw his public apology and I thought that it was pretty well handled all things considered. There were a couple things that I liked about it: 1) He notes that he has changed and grown, 2) he recognizes the power of his words relative to the people who they most affect, and 3) he thanks the CW for holding him accountable for to his words. That last part is very key. Especially if you’re trying to argue that the firing was unfounded. Let me emphasize this: The actor himself recognizes his mistakes and accepts that his firing is an appropriate reaction. He won’t (and shouldn’t) get this job back, but given what I saw of his letter, I think he’ll find work again on another show or movie. He seems genuine in his growth, and particularly aware of the social climate of today. Given that, I think he deserves a second chance.


After posting that I read the tweets and OOF! Those are really bad. I stand by what I say for the most part, but I understand even more why they fired him. Especially the misogynistic stuff he said was really hard to read.


You like Ralph? Didn’t know! :wink:


Yeah. Just read those. It would take a helluva lot of growth to remove yourself from comments like that. Yeesh!


It’s hard to tell from reading all the news stories I come across. They make it sound like it was deleted recently once these old tweets came to light. But if someone found tweets that were actually deleted years ago, that’s scary. Like, it means you either have to hope no one ever notices them or you have to get out in front of it somehow and denounce them and hope you are forgiven and people believe that you’ve changed. It’s a very hard subject in these times with cancel culture and all that.


Or, third option: don’t write stupid stuff on the internet for all the world to see, ever.


I don’t like it. He said stupid stuff, he apologized. It was years ago. Are any of you the same person you were a decade ago? I feel like there should be a statue of limitations on stupid tweets you make.

I disagree. Stupid would be if he tweeted that he thought the earth was flat or that Batman would kick Superman’s ass in a fight and has since changed his mind after new info was made available to him. That’s forgivable. The racist, misogynistic stuff that he said? An apology isn’t enough. ‘You’re telling me the things I want to hear but not showing me the things I want to see.’ Losing his job had to happen- if he wants to keep working, he’s got to do more than tweet apologies.


Ok, so then what should he do? I see a lot of references to James Gunn. Was he justifiably fired? But then he makes a product that people want to buy, so its ok then? Breaking up a group of actors that make up an ensemble cast can create a rift between them possibly causing others to quit or something else just as bad.
Again I’m not making excuses for what he said, but it was a long time ago and people change and grow up. I know there has been stuff that I thought or believed in my 20s that I don’t now, now that I’m pushing 40…
Just knee jerking to a firing for something he himself probably even forgot he said is just dumb. Cancel culture is not a good thing.

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I don’t know if I watched too much He-man when I was young but I’m on team “believe in and encourage people to change”. Firing him for something he doesn’t believe in anymore is more about protecting CW/Flash than it is about being the right thing to do.

I’m usually on team CW, but unless they have seen any trangressions in recent times that we don’t know about, they are in the wrong here.


I’m just glad Ralph will be easy to recast since the character can literally change his face.


From your perspective if an apology isn’t enough what is? If we take how people’s actions define who they are Hartley hasn’t spread that type of speech in years. Same with James Gunn (who said a lot of pedophilia stuff). I think people living their lives not spreading vitriol and treating others well is something that goes beyond an apology because it ‘can’ be indicative of someone’s change in character.

I have to concede this event feels very different from the Gunn Disney event. For one, there was an almost immediate out pouring of support for Gunn; it is missing here, is this because of the current climate or the fact his colleagues don’t buy his apology, IDK, perhaps time will tell and until then CW’s move was the safe one.


It would have been one thing if he came forward and apologized before these tweets were found. He knew what he said and that nothing stays buried on Twitter. Apologizing after just seems like he’s sorry he got caught, not that he’s legit sorry for what he said. Public apologies, donations to charity’s, fellow cast members coming forward in his defense…he’s gonna need more than just tweeting something his publicist may have written for him.


But you know it is. He may get work in 10 years on some bit part if he can maintain a positive lifestyle and hope.

I don’t know about 10 years, There’s a lot of work out there, just won’t be high profile. May have to do some small indie films we’ll never hear about for awhile.