False Faces [Jason Todd] Week 7: Jan. 20-Feb. 2

Same here, I’m more used to him being a creepy Hannibal Lector type. Though now that I think about it, the Calendar Man in the Arkham games is an absolute unit and might put up a good fight if needed.

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In regards to these issues, I’ll just say that I found them a pleasant relief after the tedium that was the Night-Slayer arc. He seemed determined to ruin every Nocturna story. :stuck_out_tongue:

Darkwolf is the first hint at where some of the late 80s Batman stories are going (international terrorists and foreign assassins!), though the costume is utterly silly. I do love the hokey name, though. If he had appeared a decade later, he’d undoubtedly be called Daarkwulf, and he’d be covered in thousands of pouches.


I think you got that right.

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  1. What was your favorite Jason Todd moment this week? Can you relate to Bruce’s day without sleep? Are you as buff as Vicki Vale?

First off, I wish I was as buff as Vicki Vale.

As for favorite Jason Todd moment, I think I’ll go with his part in rescuing the hostages from Darkwolf. Perfect mix of helpful and whimsical, which is where Robin works the best. I liked the “Don’t forget to say ‘whee!’” :smiley:

And while I don’t think I’ve ever gotten that bad, I do feel like there’s been moments in life where lack of sleep has made me WAY more stupid than usual.

  1. What did you think of Calendar Man’s story? Black Mask’s? Darkwolf’s? Cutter’s?

Like others have said, it’s strange seeing Calendar Man like this. I think I prefer the more modern take on him, but it’s still a fun story.

Black Mask’s story was great. It really makes sense that of all the villains in this run, this is the one that has stood the test of time and is now getting the movie treatment.

Darkwolf was interesting – it’s kind of funny that he went through all that trouble just to poison Catwoman’s pet panther. Which reminds me…did any y’all know Catwoman had a pet panther? That’s pretty freaking awesome. Really, the best part of the story for me was the interaction with Catwoman and everyone – but considering my avatar, you might guess I have a preference. :sweat_smile:

Cutter’s story was cool for a one-shot. I get the feeling that the artist went to Moench and said “Hey, I kinda just want to draw Batman in a cemetary punching out bad guys” and he replied, “I think we can work that in.”

  1. Black Mask’s debut tale was still canon after the Crisis. What other stories from this era would you retain in continuity?

I think I would go with the Nocturna stuff, especially the dynamic that she has with Jason and Bruce. It’s definitely melodramatic and over the top, but I’ve really liked their dynamic so far.

  1. What did you think about Green Arrow’s run-in with the law? Was Ollie in the right?

That’s a hard one, because I get his anger about people being imprisoned for coming her for a life free from civil war, but I think the way he goes about it doesn’t really solve anything. Sure he busts up the immigration center, but they’ll just be open tomorrow and rounding people up again. Really, the only way to affect anything is to get into the system to reform it, but that takes way more time than his bleeding heart can allow.

I don’t say that as a diss to the character – I think that flaw of his is one of the most compelling things about Oliver when written right. His sense of empathy and need to fix injustice can be both his greatest strength and weakness.

  1. If you have read Superman Annual #11, what did you think of Alan Moore’s depiction and use of Jason?

To be perfectly honest, I don’t remember Jason playing much of a role, if any in the story. There’s a reason why when anyone talks about Jason in this story, it’s always “Think clean thoughts, chum.”

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You know what’s funny? It’s still strange for me to not see Calendar Man like this.


And on that note, I think this was easily the best of the GA backup stories so far. Too bad almost everyone gave up on reading the backups after the awful ones the preceded it…

He defeats Mongul using the Black Mercy. Jason is the one who actually wins the day.

Oh! I guess I have the animated adaptation more on my mind, where it’s Wonder Woman who does it.

As for GA – I remember reading the back-ups for the Crisis tie-in and liked the story there.

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It wouldn’t be the first time the DCAU took a Jason Todd story and gave it to someone else. :stuck_out_tongue:


Fun fact about the GA stories – the current artist for this, Jerome K. Moore, is actually one of the big character designers for the Young Justice animated series.


Jason’s impassioned plea in Batman #385 to join Batman in the Calender Man case despite the threat of death that hung over his head.

Points of interest there:

  • “I’m Robin and being Robin gives me magic.”
  • “Calender Man is threatening me–trying to turn the very concept of Robin into a drawback.”
  • "It all boils down to two things: Does the Batman really need a Robin–And am I good enough to be Robin? Yes or no?

I can certainly relate to Bruce’s day without sleep. Its happened to me a time or two.

I’m not at all buff these days.

  • I enjoyed Calender Man’s story the most I think. Those costumes were hilarious though I do wish that Batman #384 was available here. I also liked how he was both a goofily costumed minor villain but that he was also intimidating at the same time.

  • Cutter’s story reminded me a little of “Almost Got 'Im” from B:TAS only in reverse. So I enjoyed it even though it was clear who the winner was going to be there.

  • Its been awhile since I read Black Mask’s origin so I appreciated the re-introduction to his character and I loved the story as well. I especially liked the parallel explanations of how both Bruce and Roman were planning on ensnaring the other.

  • The best part of the Darkwolf story for me was that Catwoman was in it and in one of my favorite versions of her costume to boot. Catwoman is one of my favorite long standing Batman characters and I always love a good interaction between her and any Bat character.

Nocturna would be one of them for certain. I’m not sure I would keep Thief of the Night/Night Slayer beyond his arrest though.

I think he was in the right however I agree with @Jay_Kay about GA’s actions really amounting to very little in the end.

I really liked how Jason was instrumental in saving the day in that issue and that it was something important enough to his past that it even got a mention decades later in the N52’s RHATO despite the fact it had been retconned by the Crisis and the N52’s screw-ball continuity.


In retrospect, that scene almost feels like a preemptive retort to the infamous 1-900 number vote, doesn’t it? At least everyone finally got it when Tim said it again…


It does at that. The seeds of the idea of Batman needing a Robin and the question of Jason’s worthiness to wear the “R” seem to have planted here.

I think its interesting to point out that while the idea of Batman needing a Robin transferred whole and unaltered into the Post-Crisis where it was re-interated by Tim in a “Lonely Place of Dying”, the question of Jason’s worthiness to be Robin was twisted into his being the “Bad Robin” by writers in later stories even though I don’t really think he was any worse at the job then the other Robins have been.

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Oh, we’re getting into that topic very soon. We have two more sessions in the Doug Moench era, and then we’ll see just how “bad” Jason actually got before “The Diplomat’s Son.”

For people who want to jump ahead and see that Jason was typically not a bad Robin (either in competence or attitude) after the Crisis, you can check out the story that World of Bats just swiped, The Cult. :stuck_out_tongue:



Looking forward to those discussions on here to be honest. It’s been to long since I’ve had a decent discussion about Post-Crisis Jason.

I love that story. My sister actually bought me the trade of it a few Christmases ago. We are still reading it here too though right?

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Probably not directly, since the gap will be too short.

Ah, then I guess I’ll head over to World of Bat’s for this one if I’ve the time.


Hey, I’m just surprised that I’m not the one who swiped it! :rofl:

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Next time, World of Bats! Next tiiiiiiiiiiime! :fist:

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@AlexanderKnox is Doctor Claw, confirmed.

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