Fan Creation Friday: Titans and Chill

Happy Fan Creation Friday!
…or should we say: Happy “Titans Season 2” Friday? :o

You read that right: the day so many have been waiting for has arrived, and Titans is back with a brand new season!

In honor of episode one’s premiere, this week’s prompt centers around the question of: what do you imagine the Titans do for their downtime? Create a scene giving us an idea of what you have in mind!

Said scenes can be set in an alternate universe, and don’t have to directly tie-in with the events of Season 1 and 2, so feel free to think as far out of the box as you dare when filling in the spaces between what we saw on screen, and didn’t. :slight_smile:

Guidelines: You’re free to choose any character from the show, but all entries must abide by our Forum Rules:


Titan Tower Day 2

Rachel Roth was gazing out the window when Gar Logan ambled by.

“So are you happy now, here?” said Gar.

“I have been unhappy most of my life. I am not sure what happiness is. But this feels like home. And all this light. it is still winter and dark where we came from. But not here, ever. And I have a room of my own, that I can furnish the way I want. No more mirrors and crucifixes for me. Nothing to remind me of before. I can start over. We all can start over.”

“Sound pretty happy to me.”

“I may even wear something that’s not black.”

“Whow. Black looks good on you. Most every color would look good on you. But not red.”


“It’s your father’s color.”

Raven laughed. “Bad Tiger.”

“I’ve been trying out different animals lately. To make myself more useful to the team.”

“You’re already useful. You’ve saved me more than once. Everthing is perfect, except for …”


“Who not what. Except for that Jason, he is so obnoxious. I feel my snarky side rise up every time he talks, puffing himself up. I can’t help myself. And when I talk that way about him, he is completely oblivious to what I said,”

“Obnoxious and Oblivious,” Gar said, “That pretty much sums him up.”

On cue, Jason Todd strides in, a big grin on his face. “How’s it going, homies?”

“Superheroes not homies,” said Gar.

“Chill man. How 'bout you, Ravie, want to come with me, have a little fun?”

“I am pretty sure I wouldn’t like your idea of fun. Beat up some homeless people?”

“The City is trying to get rid of them, aren’t they? We could do a service by expediting the process. How did you know that anyway, witch? You been reading my mind?”

“Don’t talk to her like that.”

“I was talking to the doll, not you. You wanna make something about it?”

“Yeah I do. Let’s settle this in the gym.”

,“Your funeral, man. Dont worry, Rav, I’ll leave enough of him so you can do that healing thing.”

Gar had already taken off his shoes and shirt.

Fifteen minutes later, Gar returned. He looked unharmed.

“I was worried. What happened?”

“Did you know chimps are twice as strong as humans? And super agile. I made sure I didn’t injure his head or anything serious. He’s ‘resting’. I think he’ll treat us both better from now on.”

She came toward him. “Oh Gar.”

fade out.

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Wow, Turok. Some nice dialogue work.

Wow, Turok. Some nice dialogue work.