Fan-made Superhero Universe. Ying-Yang #1 and Triton: Origins #1

About a year ago, I started writing a story about a post nuclear-war land. How humanity recovered.
I’ve already written about 75% of my first Volume. Here is part of the short teaser series that I wrote for the universe and then a short extension of my first volume Hydro.

Each Wednesday, I’ll release the next issue. My writing started really clumsy as I wrote most stuff in little short imagery heavy stuff. But I don’t have any images. Of course if someone wants to make something I have a couple of great moments with detailed costuming in Hydro #2-4

This week, Ying-Yang #1 and Triton Origins #1

Ying-Yang #1
Introduces 5 key stories in the world.

Story 1- Triton
Story 2- Lilian
Story 3- Atrocitus
Story 4- Haimon (Order)
Story 5- Crystal (Elvish)

Story 1- Triton
Opens to a store titled Crazy Coffee
Zooms out to an image of a futuristic city
Ying-Yang symbol is emblazoned
Back to crazy coffee a man with a hat that says Rango Militia
Man finishes shift and starts to head home.
In his apartment, he finds a girl in a suit
Girl asks to see it
Man acts confused
Girl says Mr. Triton show me the suit
The what
Don’t play games with me
I don’t know what your talking about
Then what is this holding remote. She presses the button
A wall opens up. but theres a key pad What’s the code?”
Man types pad opens to a costume. Orange shirt with scales and a Trident sign is displayed

(Continued Below)

Story 2 - Lillian
Opens to a government check point at a space station
ID? A soldier asks
Girl gives a card, it reads Lilian
Come through
In the government building, Lilian approaches another security guard
Come through
Thank you
Elevator opens, Lilian enters, and elevator descends.
2 minutes later, elevator opens
Are you ready for it, a scientist ask her
Of course
Lilian is sent to a table, and sedated
A needle is injected next to her.
Zooms out to a “hospital” full of people
Almost all are dead.

Story 3 - Lilian
Boy lies asleep on bed
boy wakes up
school time his father shouts
gets dressed, brushes teeth, eats breakfast
heads to school, back pack in hand.
Along the way meets another boy,
Are you the new kid?
Oh, my name is Timothy
What kind of name is that?
I don’t know ask my mom
Well I’ll see you later Timothy
Yeah, Timothy accidentally gets hit by a thorn
Removes the thorn and his skin automatically reheals itself.

Story 4- Haimon
hut 2,3,4
hut 2,3,4
hut 2,3,4
a row of men, bootcamp
left, right, left, right, left, right
left, right, left, right, left, right
left, right, left, right, left, right
Zoom in on Private Haimon
I want to serve, he thinks, not fight in some glorified war.
I joined for action, but I realized what I really want is
Two rows! Obstacle course!
You can’t even get a thought in here he thinks
Go! Go! Go!
All I want to do is serve and do whatever I can
I want to do something new, unheard of, (lightbulb), like an acolyte

Story 5 Crystal
I told myself I was going to do it.
I told myself I would make it.
No one believed me but here I am.
5th in my class, scholarship to 10 centers
But I won’t go to any of those.
(Graduation ceremonies)
(Headmasters Speech)
These children have worked so hard to achieve their goal
All of them will go to S- academies
Some of them with scholarships
And our top five will announce there futures.
Most of them want to go military
Or science
Or government
I will be going to the Academy of Magic.

Triton: Origins #1

Before it: Ying-Yang #1
After it: (Triton #1)

An orange shirt with a trident emblazoned on it is displayed.
What is that, the woman asks
That is none of your concern triton said
It is every bit my concern, you show up three weeks ago with no identification and although you look like a member of the Ying-Yang, there is something off about you.
I won’t tell you anything until i know your name.
Anything else
Okay, I need to work on some stuff so please leave.
Only if you see me tommorrow at this address, with the suit.
I’ll think about it waller.
Waller Leaves.
Triton types in a passcode and the closet fully opens revealing a full costume.
Orange scale shirt, green gloves, green leggings, and a trident like weapon.
Screen turns on
What is it Triton? A man on the screen asks.
A government official named Waller stopped by.
What did she want. She knew about me.
I don’t know
Huh I swear to god if you jeopardize our people.
She wants to see me tomorrow
Come up with some story.
I feel like that won’t work.
You could ignore her
And have her comeback,? yeah right.
Come back, we’ll regroup.
I’m not losing this opportunity
What do you want
I’ll go to her.
You will not, unless you want us to cast you out.
Maybe it’s time you guys stop being so scared and join.
We have everything we need
No, you need to join other tribes
You will return or we will cast you out.
I’m going to see her,
Then The Atlantans declare war on you.
In the council…
For now on Triton will no longer be a member of the Atlantans.
Our assassin will begin as soon as he returns
Triton will no longer be Triton and be labeled a Hydro
The underwater city shines in the mystique of the water.

See the continuation in Hydro #1 Next Week

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Is there a reason it’s called Ying-Yang, and not Yin-Yang?

Yeah. It’s because 1. I can’t spell, but I’m not going back. Let’s call it an allusion.


I’m probably most interested in Triton / Hydro.