Fans of DC Universe Episode 10: Titans Season Premiere, Community 2.0 updates, and more

This week we have Don-el, Nu52, Nathan.Payson, and AquamonC137. We talked about Titans Season 2 premiere “Trigon”, recent news about Community 2.0, The Legion of Superheroes Millennium, and more!

We also have some exciting plans to celebrate DC Universe 1st birthday coming next week!!



For those who prefer to listen to podcasts using YouTube.

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Nice episode

Especially liked Titans review and Community 2.0 talk

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For any podcast historians or archeologists time traveling from the future, here’s a link to all 11 episodes, including the classic rare “Zero” podcast:

(hmmm. of course the same thing is on Youtube, but some may prefer straight mp3 files…)

I went looking for the post about the recording before this. And i cannot seem to find it. Because I wanted to clarify that the Justice League Unlimited episode in question is a call back to the Super Friends, specifically the Wonder Twins, Samauri, Black Vulcan and Apache Chief and have nothing to do with Infinity Inc. Infinity Inc is the offspring of the JSA, an earth two Titans/YJ, which i think someone mentioned.

As far as Titans s2 ep1, they might have had a season closer in the proverbial can in the event they were not renewed. and since they were, they stretched it out so that the season premiere can premiere, conclude and then start the tone for the coming season.

@nu52, I believe we have something in common. I welcome your thoughts:

And like YJ Connor, I hope Titans Connor cannot fly either.

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Episode 11, featuring JLWWSM and Matt Smith of the DC Universe Book Club is now posted.