Fans of DC Universe Episode 13: Titans Episode 4 "Aqualad" and WAY too much goofing off!

This week we have Dukect45, AquamonC137, Nu52, and Nathan.Payson. This week we discussed Aqualad episode 13 before getting sidetracked repeatedly!! (It’s the most enjoyable episode we’ve ever recorded by a long shot!)


Here’s a link to the show:

Wow, over 1 hour and 20 minutes…it’s like TWO TWO Two shows in one!!!

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Oh my goodness the last few minutes of the recording are hilarious!!! So much fun this week y’all :slight_smile:

Finally got a chance to listen to one of these, and it was a lot of fun. I always wish I had people to talk about this stuff in depth like that IRL, so it was like I was living vicariously through you guys.

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And here’s the YouTube version

… and here’s a 90-something second outtake from episode 13 this week featuring the singing talents of Aquamanc137 and Nathan Payson, Dukect45 sharing his personal philosophies on audio disasters, and Nu52 basically fleeing the scene of the audio accident…

@tomatosoup Glad you enjoyed it!

No episode 14? :frowning:

To be posted, Already recorded. It’s…BIG

I’m downloading and posting it now!

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