Fans of DC Universe Episode 6: Titans Season 2 Trailer, YJ Ep. 21, and the Road to DC Universe Year One

This week we have




and Aquamon137

This week be began the Road to Titans Season 2 with discussion about the new trailer, Young Justice Ep. 21, and began the Road to DC Universe: Year One with a look back at what the comics side was like at launch.

Also I have been BLOWN away by the support of the podcast. We have 11 subscribers on Google Play, and average 8 unique listeners a week!! While this seems small, most podcast start this way. We are so thankful for all the support and I will be adding the podcast to Apple Podcasts. Next up at 20 subscribers on Youtube, we will be adding some cool new content so STAY TUNED!

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The new podcast sounds great! Always fun when Dukect45 can stop by!


Just wanted to say thanks for having me on again to discuss all things DC with y’all. It’s always fun to chat it up with fellow fans :slight_smile:


YouTube has difficult requirements for a background but hopefully what I uploaded will work for now.

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I liked when the group talked about the early days

When teen titans and batman comics were available for only a limited amount of time and then left the library, maybe for good.

You either had to take a large chunk of time in your life to read these comics or let them disappear forever. Either was stressful.

I took the money way out I bought the corresponding trades and then bought the other batman trades that might come and go in that limited library. Probably spent $200 dollars. But it was worth not having the stress.

How DCU has changed!

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Thanks for the well wishes folks! I had a much better day at work, today we’ll just see how quickly this summer cold works out.

Without question the biggest surprise of DC Universe for me, early days to now, is this concept of a friendly social media comic book community, kind of like Cheers where everybody knows your pseudonym!

I hear there are new episodes of the podcast!