Fans of DC Universe Podcast Episode 2: HBO Max, Doom Patrol’s Emmy Chances, Young Justice Ep. 17 and more

This week on Fans of DCU Universe, we had

Don-el (Legion of Superheroes Book Club)

Nathan.Payson (New to DCU Book Club)

Nu52 (Pride Month Book Club)

AquamanC137 (World of Superman Book Club)

This week we discussed HBO Max, Doom Patrol’s Emmy Chances, Comic Con predictions, The Wedding, Young Justice Ep. 17 and more! Please subscribe to the podcast if you want more!

FYI, we had to record on Thursday this week, so unfortunately we couldn’t talk about Swamp Thing Episode 7. Next week though, we will talk about episodes 7 AND 8. Especially, as news will likely be quiet the day before DC Universe’s panel. Next week we also plan to talk about Summer Supercation, what Doom Patrol Season 2 and Young Justice Season 4 could look like, and more!

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Master Payson, Master Payson… you forgot the link…


The voice of AquamanC137 …REVEALED AT LAST!!!



The new episode is out and features special guest star Toonatonian! Her excellence in animated feature knowledge really shines on this episode, episode 4!!!

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