Fans of DC Universe Podcast Ongoing Thread: Episode 28! Death Metal, All Star Games, and Generations

New episode:


@Nathan.Payson are you planning on making a live video podcast? I would watch if you did.

I do not have the technology to do that right now. I have exactly one idea for when we might? But that would rely on A LOT of things to happen that probably won’t. The problem with live is how we record. We’d need to redo the whole way we record to make it work.

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Fans of DC Universe Podcast Episode 26: Crisis! Crisis Fallout! DCYou Unscripted! and more!!!

Nathan P: “This week on Fans of DC Universe, we have Awesome Squid, Nathan.Payson, Tornado Soup, and returning after a long break Toonatonian!We discussed Crisis on Infinite Earths, discussed the fallout so far, and ranked all of the DCU Unscripted Pitches among other things. (I promise we didn’t argue over Tom King’s Batman…okay we did towards the end…)”

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Latest Podcast: February 9 2020



It happened again, this time with @Awesome_Squid @Nathan.Payson @BatJamags and @TornadoSoup
The Valentine’s Day special.

Episode 28: Death Metal, All-Star games, Generations and MORE!

Fans of DC Universe

Feb 14, 2020 • 1:30:27

This week we had Awesome Squid, BatJamags, TornadoSoup, and Nathan.Payson. We discussed A WHOLE lot of stuff going on with DCU. SO MUCH STUFF!

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For Valentine’s Day, we discussed Squid’s whirlwind romance with Tom King’s Batman run.

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That may explain all the anger, something went terribly wrong…

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The anger was pretty much all Nathan’s and Squid’s. Batjamags and I just instigated.


Like a reverse marriage counselor


I could actually see that being a good supervillain (or maybe like a Hugo Strange or Scarecrow plot): A marriage counselor who talks couples into killing each other.

I need to write this down for the Detective Comics run I’m pretending I’m going to have someday.


It would make a good Batman valentine’s special

@TornadoSoup You mean I asked him to stop and everytime he stopped one of you brought it back up… Yeah, that is reverse marriage counseling.

I’m sorry. I won’t do it again. Seriously. I realize it’s getting incredibly disruptive and annoying.

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