Fans of DC Universe User Questions

The Fans of DC Universe Podcast is taking user questions!! We will do our best to answer as many as we can provided we don’t go over.

Questions can be about anything DC Related.

Who’s your favorite mod?
What is the best Batman Costume?
What’s the worst thing Nu52 has ever said? (The answer is Absolutely nothing, She’s incredible)


I still need to listen to the podcast, but for question 3: “No trunks!”

That’s just evil.


Any Questions you ask here will be answered on the podcast!!

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I guess my question is (to second @BatJamags) what doesn’t @nu52 like about the trunks?

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Why am I the greatest of all time?

I know, but it would be nice to hear you guys debate what makes me the best

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I’m sorry @TheLegendKillerX but our goal is to have productive conversation which is interesting to the community and not individuals. Better questions would be about recommendations or questions like What did you think of the Summer Supercation?

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BY the way, if you have any questions for JL, Matt, Me, Nu52, or Don-El

I’ve got some!

So, outing myself as a not-so-great fan… I’ve never read comics past the pre-52 run. Was a big reader, then life happened, and I never managed to catch up (though I’ve always stayed a big fan of the live action and animated series).

Now that DCU exists and I have access to tons of back issues, I’m trying to slowly get current, but I’m reading things in order, and I’ve missed a LOT.

Anyway, because I’m super OCD about spoilers (yeah, I know, a lot of this stuff is OLD by now), I generally avoid a lot of the community talk around here, and that sucks. So!

  1. Which story arcs do you guys recommend for new/out-of-touch readers who don’t have a ton of knowledge about the current universe
  2. What are your favorite series out of the current titles? Like, what would you recommend to someone brand new to DC?

These kinds of q’s have been answered elsewhere, but it’d be fun to get your opinions :slightly_smiling_face:

We will use these next week in the podcast. (Shamefully, I started reading DC comics with DC Rebirth Year Two…

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No shame :rofl: makes you a great person to ask, since you just jumped in and know what works for someone who hasn’t read all the stuff that came before

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@CynicalPink We discussed it AND I have started but haven’t finished a Rebirth Phase 1 fast track in section two of my reading order guide for rebirth.

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Hey if you have a question as always let us know and we will answer it!

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Hey Super Fan Friends! What’s the word? Who wants to chat it up? Let’s talk all things DCU tonight! Anyone Up to the Challenge?

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Toonatonian, you’ve returned from Reality. Welcome home!