Favorite Areas To Explore In The Batman Arkham Games

There are many cool places to explore in the games. These are my favorite:

  1. Panessa Studios (Arkham Knight)
  2. GCPD (Arkham Origins)
  3. Batcave (Arkham VR)
  4. Royal Hotel (Arkham Origins)
  5. Steel Mill (Arkham City)
  6. Ace Chemicals (Arkham Knight)
  7. Medical Facility (Arkham Asylum)
  8. Arkham Mansion (Arkham Asylum)
  9. Iceberg Lounge (Arkham City)
  10. Administration Building (Arkham Origins Blackgate)

Honestly,I loved exploring everything. However, I really enjoyed exploring the Batcave in Origins, as well as the Bat Safe House in Asylum.

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