Favorite Batman Gadget

Thank u. I read your post & went & dug it out of lol moments in comics. I posted it there yesterday.


This might be cheating but… The Batmobile

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That’s a little more than a gadget. It alone has 100s of them. Be like saying his belt or cave lol

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I’m a fan of the thing that’s in Batman’s shoe where it sends a signal calling for actual bats so that he can have cover to escape the situation. Underrated imo. He used it in Year One, and I think they took it for Batman Begins too.

I like that one in all it incarnations lol very underutilized.

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I would have to say the freeze grenades from the Batman Arkham Games.


Tough choice between the grapnel gun or his smoke/knockout pellets. I also like the Batcomputer, if you can count that as a gadget.

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