favorite Batman the animated series episodes/ moments

I love Batman the animated series and am looking for key moments that other people like.


I like the first two face episode. So well voiced and portrayed


The are all good but a few of my favorites are Baby-Doll, the Laughing Fish, Legends of the Dark Knight, and Mad Love to name a few.


My all time favorite BTAS moment is in Joker’s Favor, when everyman Charlie Collins finally snaps and scares the hell out of The Joker.

“This is how it ends, Joker. No big schemes. No grand fight to the finish with the Dark Knight. Tomorrow, all the papers will say is that the great Joker was found blown to bits in an alley alongside a miserable little nobody. Kind of funny. Ironic, really. See, I can destroy a man’s dreams too! And that’s really the only dream you’ve got, isn’t it?”


Technically this is the New Batman adventures but I have to give a shout out to The Dark Knight Returns segment of “Legends of the Dark Knight”. This may be blasphemy to some but Michael Ironside (who voiced Batman in that segment) is also probably my favorite Batman voice. He’s who I hear in my head when I read comics.


Michael Ironside’s “Rubber bullets. Honest.” line was performed better than Peter Weller’s in my opinion. It was certainly better than his “Tonight, I AM THE LAW!” interpretation.

Two of my favorite moments came from The New Batman Adventures as well. I liked it when Dick Grayson quit being Robin and where Batman and Gordon have their coffee on New Years Eve. Of course, the episode where Batgirl dies was a doozy.


Michael Ironside’s everything is better than everybody’s anything!

A big standout moment for me is in Appointment in Crime Alley when Batman uses the Batmobile to stop the runaway streetcar. That thrilled me as a kid. And as a Batmobile nut I love The Mechanic!


Any episode with Mr. Freeze was amazing. Mark Hamill as Joker was amazing.

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