Favorite Comic Youtubers

Who are some quality comic book youtubers? I have really been enjoying comicpop and comicstorian.


Variant comics


I watch Linkara regularly.
And because I’m not above some shameless self-promotion:

Brad The DC Universe Geek. He doesn’t talk about comics in every video, but when he does his thoughts are always interesting.


Comic drake!

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NerdSync is pretty good too, along with all of the other that people have mentioned

DUUUUUUUUDE! Atop the Fourth Wall is TOTALLY AWESOME! It has, like, GUUUUNS, and ROB LIEFELD, and SUPERMAN with a BEARD, and, like, GUUUUNS, man!

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Nerdsync :100:

I used to really like Aurum’s Comics, but I don’t care for the direction the channel ended up taking. I also like Comic Drake, Variant, and Comicstorian. Jason Inman too

Jody’s Corner you know it’s good.

They’re not only focussed on comic books, but Only Supid Answers is freaking amazing!

SYFY Wire has some good comic content. Interviews with famous comic artists/writers. They did a lot of vids for Batmans 80th anniversary.


This thread is the best thing coming out of DC Rebirth


Comic tropes. Absolutely lovely content creator

Chris Wisnia (diary of a struggling comic book artist), SYFY, and Toy Polloi are 3 favs.

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Gem mint Collectibles especially their live shows

@jvfann Yes Chris Wisnia’s Diary of a Struggling Comic Artist is consistently great.

Not too popular, but Mr. Rouges is one that I like. Haven’t watched him in months! Not sure if he still makes videos. He made a video a bit ago about a copyright issue if I remember it right.

Not many to name that haven’t been mentioned although Comic Tropes is awesome I agree.

But one newer one that doesn’t get enough love is Casually Comics. Only started putting out videos 4 months ago, but she does a great job with them.

Comic stories and comicsexplained

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