Favorite Elseworlds Series!

Yes, you’re completely entitled to your own opinion, and I did put “HOT TAKE” in front of it. I didn’t mean to lessen your tastes. Sorry if it came off that way.


I would pick one shots. Amazonia, justice riders, I’ll put one series Gotham by gaslight in there. Oh and Superman red son also like u definitely kingdom come.

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You also can’t go wrong with JSA: The Liberty File and JSA: The Unholy Three. Rarely does the Justice Society get to feature so prominently in Elseworlds stories, but I love what Dan Jolley and Tony Harris did. Their take on the Scarecrow is creepy and the reveal in the Unholy Three was fantastic!

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JLA cry for justice was excellent too. You can go from there to Starman/Congorilla then to JLA omega to finish. I loved it.

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Other good ones: Red Son, All-Star Superman, Dark Knight Returns, and apparently JSA: The Golden Age is classified as an Elseworlds, too.

New Frontier, for sure.

Superman: Red Son
Kingdom Come
Batman: The Dark Knight Returns
DC: The New Frontier
Batman: Gotham by Gaslight
Superman: The Last Family of Krypton

GR1D & DanTheMan

All Star Squadron rules. You can go from it to infinity inc which is one of my

faves. It’s not a true crossover, but it’s close. It gets infinity inc started.

They develop in that series & split off to their own series. So almost like

a sitcom when it spins- off to its own deal. Thorn, Mister Bones, Baby Boom, Penny

Dreadful, Kritter, Tao Jones, Wind-Walker. Helix such underrated characters/ Villains.

The heroes star spangled kid as leader, Silver Scarab, Lyta, Nuklon, Northwind,

Jade, even Huntress & Power Girl!! So many more. Sorry I got carried away.

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Besides the JLA Nail duology, Elseworld’s Finest: Supergirl & Batgirl is fun.

It’s not a favorite, but it is a fun twist on the traditional dynamic of World’s Finest.

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@Vroom the art in Elseworld’s Finest is amazing!


@superby1 For sure. The costume designs for Supergirl and Batgirl are pretty cool from what I remember.

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You know which one I completely forgot about? Son of Superman. That was an amazing book. I love the ending, too.

Gotta be Kingdom Come for me.

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I read JLA: Age of Wonder here on the app and WOW! How did this one pass me by?? It’s the DC heroes during the industrial age and the story is outstanding. It’s two issues and it’s a great read.

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@superby 1

Thank u for posting liberty files & unholy 3 or I guess just both liberty files. I had those

on the back burner, was waiting to hear an opinion either way. Just “wow”, those 2,

Liberty files, & Whistling Skull (liberty files) unbelievably good. 2 of the best I’ve ever

read that I knew nothing about b4. It was one of those deals where 3 days later I was

still reflecting on em’ in my head & saying “ man those were incredible.”

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Holy Terror

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JLA age of wonder is downloading on my Apple TV this second. I took your advice on liberty files & was overwhelmed “by1”( see what I did there) how good it is. I’m excited to read it right now.

@djd187.81432 glad you’re enjoying them!

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I just started Age of Wonder. I knew right away Tesla was gonna be involved when

Edison was mentioned. I’m a huge Science buff. Tesla is my number 1 all- time

favorite scientist. I could talk for hours about him. Off the top of my head typing

In real time w/o stopping I can tell u he was born during a huge lightning storm & his

mother said he’s gonna be a child of light. He borrowed cash from John D Rockefeller

( who is from Cleveland close to where I live) to build a tower that would be placed on

The lakeside of NY to shoot down any incoming planes, boats etc. Tesla secretly used

the money to build the famous Tesla towers. It was free energy. He planted lightbulbs

in the ground for miles & the tower lit them up. Rockefeller found out & shut it down.

I believe there’s 1 still standing in NY, but they may have destroyed it? He was trying to

give the world free energy & the big wigs needed to keep the coal & has etc to keep

the cash cows moving. I’m sure you’ve heard of the wars between Edison & Tesla

over alternate current (A/C) Tesla’s invention vs Edison’s Direct Current (D/C).

Edison used to electrocute elephants saying it was A/C when it wasn’t. Anyways,

Tesla won & that’s why we have A/C to this day. Last thing, Tesla claimed he received

messages clairvoyantly from aliens from Mars. When he died a suspicious death in his

NY apartment. His brother ran to the scene to discover the government had removed his

body & all his secret files. Every last idea, invention etc he had was stolen & to this day

the government won’t release them. I apologize for this book but Tesla is an extremely

bizarre story, so happy he’s in this comic.

I just started back & this comic is touching on everything I just talked about. I’m having

a weird psychic vibe. I literally just wrote that post above this, went back to comic & lex &

Edison are complaining about giving free energy to the masses & Tesla showed

Supes his idea for alternating current. I’ll calm down now, but I have a feeling this

comic is gonna brush upon a lot of what I just wrote of those times.