Favorite in the BatFamily

With Batman being one of the Trinity he gets a lot of love. But is he your favorite in the BatFamily?

For me it has to be Dick. Sure Batman started the BatFamily and everyone is there because of him, but to me Dick is why it can grow. He’s shown it’s possible to work for Bats and later on with him not for him. IMO Dick is the best because he outgrew Robin and became a hero in his own right but never forgot where he came from and unlike Bruce, he evolves more as a character.

Dick Grayson is The BEST !!! I hate the Ric stuff and want OUR Nightwing back !!! Jason and Damian are wonderful, too.

While he isn’t my favorite Robin, Dick as Nightwing is my favorite Bat Family member. The legacy behind the character and how he grew up to be his own thing is awseome. Credit to Wolfman and Perez!

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