Favorite On Screen Superman

Dean Cain

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Top 3:

  1. Henry Cavill
  2. Christopher Reeve
  3. Dean Cain

Honorable mentions would have to go to Tom Welling & George Reeves tho.

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I feel that all the actors that have portrayed Superman, in the serials, on TV, in animation and live action, have done an excellent job. My sentimental favorites, though, have to be George Reeves and Chris Reeve. I grew up watching the Superman TV Show with George Reeves (Must See TV for me and my my pals), and my mind was blown when Chris Reeve’s Superman movie first came out.

I am also very fond of our reigning Superman, Henry Cavill, who I think truly embodies the physical qualities of Superman in a way that no other actors have come close to doing. I hope he remains our Superman for many more years!

Henry Cavill. Sorry Chris, you arent forgotten

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Christopher Reeve

I grew up watching Chris in the cape…he was the spark at the beginning of my lifelong fandom for The Last Son of Krypton! As a child, the news of his accident was devastating to me; but in a sense the real “Superman” within came out in the years after as he fought and didn’t give up and did what he could with his remaining time trying to do whatever he could to help others in real life. For that, I will always have a tremendous respect for the late Christopher Reeve.

I must say though…when it comes down to what happens on the camera, Henry has really, really done something brilliant in his run (or flight!) as The Man of Steel! I truly, truly hope things between he and Warner get on the same page and we get to see much more of him in our movies! There’s so much depth and emotion to his Superman, and the chemistry between he and Amy Adams is priceless!

“This is my world. YOU…are my world.”

  • LOVE that scene!

Although I find Supergirl (and most of the CW programming) to be pretty cheesy, I wouldn’t mind seeing a Superman spin-off series with Tyler. I felt he did well on Supergirl for the tone/vibe they’re going for and like he was a happy medium between the eras of Reeve/Cavill.

I haven’t seen them all yet. But i have seen most. The 2 best are Henry Cavill and Tom Welling. Christopher Reeve did a fantastic job as well.

Christopher Reeves