favorite superman story?

What is your favorite superman comic? For me, I’m actually not sure what my FAVORITE is but i LOVE stories like for all seasons and all star superman.

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Every year one story keeps climbing to the top of my list:

Superman: Secret Identity. It’s a wonderful story by Kurt Busiek that gets me every time.

I’ve not read that one.

My favorite actually comes from STAS, S3E2 Knight Time, when Bruce goes missing and Tim recruits Supes to stand in as Batman. It fun, funny, and a realization for Superman, that for all his powers, he’s not really a great detective.

All-Star Superman. In my opinion, the greatest Superman story ever.

I love that “knight time” episode! That’s a great pull!

Action Comics #8, “Superman in the Slums”

Runner Up: Fleischer Studios Superman #8, “Volcano”

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The one with Petey.


I can give you a top five:

  1. All-Star Superman

  2. Superman #156

  3. Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?

  4. Superman vs. Muhammed Ali

  5. Superman: American Alien

Honorable Mentions:

-Superman #149
Why didn’t it make the list?: Honestly, this is an incredible Superman story that every fan of him should have a copy of, it’s just that it has many of the same themes as numbers 1 and 2 on the list, and they’re touched on better in those stories.

-Superman Adventures #27
Why didn’t it make the list?: This has even less to do with the quality than the comic above. Honestly, if I were just ranking these stories on how much I enjoyed them, this would be in third place. It’s just that more than it is a Superman story, it’s a Lex Luthor story. It’s about how (as the title suggests) a person can make a judgement, and hate eternally based on it, regardless of reality. It’s easily the best Lex story, but that’s why it doesn’t belong on a list of best Superman stories.

-Superman: Secret Identity
Why didn’t it make the list?: This miniseries is excellent. The art is excellent. The writing is excellent. Everything about it is excellent. It’s just that, much like Superman Adventures #27, it’s not about Superman. This is a story about why Superman matters to us, the readers. The Superman in this story isn’t Clark Kent, reporter for the Daily Planet, it’s Clark Kent, kid who’s so surrounded by “Superman” that he doesn’t understand Superman (without quotations). He fails to see the forest for the trees. And then he gets superpowers. What could have easily come off as condescending instead is sweet, emotional, and most meaningfully, genuine.

Sorry, I realize I didn’t write it, but the title of Superman Adventures #27 is “How Much Can One Man Hate?”.

This is a favorite of mine.
It came out in 1976 when DC had stopped doing imaginary stories.

Superman #300.
This issue is an Imaginary Story wherein Kal-El’s rocketship landed on Earth in the year 1976, and he did not become Superman until the year 2001.

Kal-El was born on the doomed planet Krypton. He was sent to Earth, where his rocket landed in the ocean and attracted the attention of both U.S. and Soviet military. However, a U.S. sailor, Lieutenant Thomas Clark, reached the rocket first and it was brought to the U.S.

Kal-El shocked the staff on the military base, when he emerged from the ship and displayed his powers. The general in charge, Kent Garrett, dubbed the lad “Skyboy” and had a costume made for him.

In the early 1990s, a third world power had emerged and plotted to start a war between the other two. Skyboy was able to prevent it, but seemingly at the cost of his own life and that of General Garrett. In truth, Skyboy had survived. He threw his costume into the ocean and assumed the alias “Clark Kent” (after the general and the sailor, who had claimed his ship for the U.S.), starting a career as a reporter.

At the dawn of the 21st century, the third world power once again plotted against the rest of the world. They had built an android called “Moka”, who took credit for Skyboy’s rescue of the world in the 90’s and now demanded control of the world. Feeling he had no other option, Clark dove into the ocean and picked up his old costume. He confronted Moka and defeated him, before disappearing again and returned to his regular life as Clark Kent.