FCF: DC Art Academy - Bernard Chang and Adam Glass!

Hello again, FCF’ers!

For our Art Academy video of choice this week, we’ll be celebrating Titans with a segment featuring the Teen Titans creative team of Bernard Chang and Adam Glass! Join in on a good time as we hear them talk about their creative process, working together as DC team, and what it’s like to create new characters! Two pieces are drawn in this, so feel free to pick either, or both, to share if you try them out. :slight_smile:

You can check out this week’s video below:

:art: Curious how this works? :art:
Every week, we post a video of a talented DC artist demonstrating their skills and discussing their craft. We encourage you to try practicing these same techniques, and show us your results in the comments below! Let us know how it went for you - are you seeing improvement from week to week? Experiencing any difficulties? Have any advice for aspiring artists?