When is this going to be available on Firestick?


There is no official one yet but you can work around that. I have it on mine and the DCU app works perfectly -

Go to firestick settings, then under Device, turn on allowing downloads from unknown sources.

Then in the firestick search type in “downloader” and install the app of the same name. There is only one.

Once downloaded, go into downloader and go to the web address bar. Leave the “http://” that’s already there and type in “” (without quotation marks). This will download a 3rd party app called Aptoide TV. Follow the instructions on screen to install.

Once Aptoide TV is installed do a search for “DC universe” and follow the on screen instructions to download and install that as well.

Now you should have the DC app on your firestick.


Edot thanks so much

Thanks! I want to run in fire tv forever… having some issues having a steady stream… I’ll be looking at my network