First Look at Superman: Red Son

Good news! Here’s the first look and the cast list of the new animated movie, Superman: Red Son. Jason Isaacs will play Superman and Diedrich Bader will play Lex Luthor.
Sam Liu, who last directed Justice League vs. The Fatal Five, will direct this adaptation of Mark Millar’s acclaimed book from a script by J. M. DeMatteis. It will available early of 2020.
Source: IGN


Ooooweeee i can’t wait!


I never saw the appeal of Red Son.

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Let this be better than batman hush

Looking forward to it.

Red Son is the best Elseworld Superman book. It’s the ultimate flip the script and asks the question is Superman’s sense of right and wrong, good and evil, nature or nurture.


Nifty. This flick should be pretty rad.


I like the casting choices here. Just give him every Soviet hero role.
And the animation looks good in the picture too.


For someone who loves history and DC, this comic book is one of my all time favorites!


I’m just hoping this doesn’t turn out like Batman: The Killing Joke. That’s one I was excited about the most but was very disappointed.

Diedrich Bader as Luthor? MAN, that’s exciting.

I have more faith in DeMatteis adapting this than Killing Joke being adapted Azzarello.

Does anyone know if this is officially part of new 52 universe? Or is it just a stand alone?


Red Son is an Elseworld. It falls out of any DC official continuity. (Like Gotham by Gaslight)

My only regret is that it came 20 years to late. I wish it would have been released in Reagan’s first term. It would have been more impactful.


I’m excited for this movie. I loved the first issue of Red Son. I’m hoping we get some really good Wonder Woman and Wonder Woman/Superman content :smiley:


This looks great. After a nice adaptation of this story on Supergirl’s fourth season with there being a “Red Daughter”, this looks to be a well anticipated movie.