First time digital reading today very odd it’s okay but physical all the way!

Is digital this hard? Really buggy and Comic Sans is not easy on the eyes digitally. Something about physical is amazing but not ideal. I give it C-

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Batman Tom King is especially buggy. I was on 26 and it was the worst reading experience would just jump pages. I reported but the other ones have been good so far

Batman Tom King is especially buggy. I was on 26 and it was the worst reading experience would just jump pages. I reported but the other ones have been good so far

If DCU is your first digital experience, I can see your POV. Sometimes the reader is a bit glitchy. Did you try Landscape Mode (glitches once in a while too, but just back up a page or two then go back to the current page and onward, should be fine then).

Outside of DCU, digital is typically problem free.


@vroom yes it is, hoopla also glitches on me but other than that is fine. Yes Batman 26 was unreadable and Tom King Batman is not good so that was frustating and dissapointing. Others have been good but this brough it down to earth and remined me why I like books.

Hmm. Sorry to hear about your experiences. What issues have you had with hoopla?

@hoopla Loading page glitch on hoopla. I feel bad for king all his criticism is on the money.

For comics I’m completely digital at this point, and now it’s my preferred way to read comics. I still have a stack of physical trades that I’m (slowly) making my way through and for the most part I always think “I wish I was reading this digitally.” I like the convenience and price-point of digital, and personally I think the art pops with a good reader.

I leave my physical comics purchases to collections I LOVE and want displayed on my bookshelves. As a side note I am an avid reader of horror and lit-fic, and I only do physical books when it comes to that. For prose, I need a book in my hand.

The DCU comics reader app is not the best, but it’s new and I’m sure the bugs still need to be worked out. I too originally thought, I’ll forever be a physical comics reader. But once you get used to it, I think you’ll enjoy it.

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Reading digital panel to panel view brings more suspense than seeing the whole page while reading physical comic books. It a totally new experience and I like it better to be honest.


I hate reading comics digitally! I love the feel and smell and overall experience you get from reading physical comics!

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I’ll never go back to physical comics. Digital all the way for me.


I now prefer digital. One advantage is I can carry hundreds of comics around at any time on my mini Ipad


At one you would have had to take physical from my cold dead hands but now it’s my preferred way to read. Not only for convenience but space saving reasons as well. Plus the coloring in some titles just shines better in digital. Check out the Greg Rucka/Shawn Martinbrough issues of Detective Comics (between issue 742-764) for a good example.


I am now 90% digital. Convenience and cost make it worth my while.

This tablet that I am on contains thousands of comics, so storage is great. I can take a huge choice of comics with me when I travel.

I usually buy my non-current comics when Comixology has a sale. If you’re patient (and usually during holidays and end of the year) you can get comics from all publishers for $1 each or less. $5 for trades. Add to that services like this, Marvel Unlimited, and Comixology Unlimited you can read as much as you want for very little $$$. So saving is huge.

Subscription to a series where I want to get current comics (most of DC) is so easy. Click the subscribe button and every Wednesday morning they are in my account and ready to download.

Older comics that you can’t get in paper are usually available in digital. And following a series or arc is so easy - when you get to the end of a comic ( on comixology or marvel unlimited) you get a choice of buttons. One takes you to the next book in the series or the other will take you to the next book in an arc (especially handy in crossovers).

I do still buy the occasional paper comic if it is something I want to collect.

So to each his/her own. But digital is almost always my preference.

Oh, and one more HUGE advantage (for me anyway) you don’t need lights to read with. My vision is poor in low light settings so I always need a lot of good lighting to read paper. This alone prompted my change to digital. I read books on Kindle and comics/magazines on my tablet.