Five great fan fiction stories

These are my five favorites DC fan fictions works

To read, just Google with the words and the Title of story.

1 - 8 Years Later. Gar returns to Jump City, 8 years after the Titans disbanded. Raven never left. Adventure and Romance. Based on Animated Show. Complete. 68 Chapters. 2274 reviews

2 - Opening the Door a Crack. Teen Titans verses the H P Lovecraft Mythos. Very Dark. Love wins out but the loses to the Titans are horrifying. No titan come back the same as they were before. Some don’t come back. Based on Animated Show. Complete 31 Chapters 237 reviews

3 - Deadman Wonderland by Louddragon. Teen Titans versus Zombies. Alternate Universe. Titans don’t have powers. Raven finds allies in world overrun by zombies, finding Dick and Far first. Kory Anders is a foreign student. Wally West a runner. Not complete, but almost done. 43 Chapters 851 review.

4 - Camp Us by Chade’s Ninde. Alternate Universe. Young Justice goes to college. Roy Harper is RA. Artemis and Zatanna face heartbreak with their dads. Complete. 9 Chapters. 346 reviews.

5 - Hunter’s Moon by Christy T. Alternate Universe, based on idea from The Circle. A rogue Amazon steal baby Diana and flees to Gotham City. Batman and Wonder Woman Romance. Complete. 53 Chapters 1836 reviews.

Finally 6th, can’t scroll up to change title.

6 - Firework, by paganpunk2 Robin’s origin. It’s not so easy for Dick Grayson to be become Bruce Wayne’s ward. Complete. 100 chapters. Part of a series. 1748 reviews.

8 Years Later author is TheForceIsStllStrongWithThisOne.

Opening the Door a Crack is by still too old for this.

Just Google with the words fan fiction and the Title of story.

Gar not Far

Word corrector tries to change Gar back to Far, in Deadman section.

@TurokSonofSteel1950 hey can i be in your story

Any good Question stories?

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I haven’t found any fan fiction that doesn’t use the Question character in Justice League Unlimited, especially his relationship with Huntress. But I don’t think that the Question version you were looking for.


I only wrote one story here, Last Night at Sanctuary, based on Heroes in Crisis, which only got two likes. I doubt i will be writing any more. It is hard to write DC characters. For improving your writing, and for any chance to sell your stories, you must use original characters. DC itself will not look at any story submissions anyway, unless they invited you to write a story. That invite is based on what you got published, already, using your own characters.

I was mainly trying to tell members in this and other threads about DC Fan Fiction sites and stories. And later on How to Write Fan Fiction. Finally I tried to do a weekly best DC Fan Fiction thread. I got little response, so I am finished with that effort.

@superdccoolkid: is more responsive to fan fictions. I’ve been posting my latest fanfic on both sites, but it gets way more attention on FanFiction. I still like to post it here, though, as the other site allows for reviews, but doesn’t exactly have anything like a comments section.

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@Sushi-Volcano: how can i post my stories on here?

Just create a thread here under Fan Creations.

Thanks for the shout out!

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