Flash 105 - 212.

Just wondering…has anyone read this classic Silver age run in the Archives?
Or at least a few issues to enjoy the The Rogues.
What is your opinion on Infantino ‘s art?
Was Bates the right writer to take over?

Currently up to ~#172. I liked the issue, I believe, #159 and #161 where the same story was written by two different writers. #159 had the better story (more believable), but the writer for #161 writes Flash better, in my opinion.
The best of the Rogues are:

Always the Reverse-Flash stories, and wish there was more of him.

Gorilla Grodd

The Trickster

And the Mirror Master for being in a surprise position.

Forgot to answer your questions, I like how Infantino had a few pages to show how he draws the Flash. It is interesting. As for the quality, it is definitely better drawn than GL, who looks weird in some issues (don’t recall any on the top of my head, but I will search if it would elaborate my point).

I don’t think I have gotten to where Bates is part of the process yet.

I collected silver age Flash as a kid. (And even owned a copy of 105. I didn’t really notice a tone change at the time. I think Carmine was a good call. He had an angular style that really created the experience of speed and motion. It was quite refreshing and a gave it a very non-golden age feel. It felt like something new and reimagined.