From 1 to 10 what would you rate Birds of Prey. [For people who have seen it]

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Feel free to elaborate!

Try not to spoil!


I’ve exhausted myself on the reasons. I’ll do a short summarization. It didn’t highlight the characters I went to see it for. Having said that. When an actor kills it like Robbie did, I take notice & tip my hat to her.


Pretty much how I’ve felt about a lot of the live actions as of late:

Visually amazing (scenes that looked like they could have been lifted off of a comic page) and casting that I really enjoyed (Margot is the perfect Harle), but the writing just didn’t do anything for me. Like, no joy, suspense, excitement. Zilch.

Edit: Oop. I’ll take that back. Not zilch. There was one Black Mask scene that I found incredibly disturbing.


I was really bored. The action didn’t feel well choreographed considering the team involved. I didn’t care for the Orphan thing either.


My main knock against it is a bit of non-chronological storytelling that just didn’t work, namely Harley’s arrival at the police station. Maybe if the bulk of it had been saved until after the flashback, then it would have been less jarring. The movie never completely won me back after that, despite my overall enjoyment of the rest of the film.

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It was like it wanted to pull off Tarantino with the nonlinear narrative.

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Or, at the very least, Deadpool.

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