Future Azrael Writer, Nick Bridwell

I’m future Azrael Vs. Dracula writer, Nick Bridwell. I can’t wait to bring you my comic. In it, Azrael is drawn into a Transylvanian mystery which involves the legendary Dracula and his centuries-old rivalry with the Order of St. Dumas.

This is something that will push Jean-Paul Valley to the edge of reason as he asks the question: Is it possible to conquer evil by embracing evil?

You’ll find out! Who’s excited to read this one? Any Jean-Paul fans out there? Have you been missing Azrael?

—Nick Bridwell, writer


I’ve been a fan of Jean Paul since the days of Knightfall. I’ve never picked up and of the series based on him cause they have never interested me but this will be the first that I will buy. Sounds like it could be amazing.


Sounds like an interesting premise. Never really got into Azrael. Maybe if it gets put on the app that will change though! Good luck.

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This is still my dream!