Future State: Green Lantern Reaction

Today I picked up and read my third Future State book, Future State: Green Lantern #1. It’s the Future State title I was most looking forward to (shocking, I know), and I was very happy with it. Each one of the three stories was interesting and held my attention. They were also different in art and story, which I like in this kind of book, but gave different perspectives on the bad situation the Corps is in in this future. I think I enjoyed the back-up stories more than the main story, but that might just be because I always like reading about Jessica Cruz, and the Guy story was a unique and interesting scenario. I enjoyed the other two titles I’ve read a lot (Wonder Woman and Swamp Thing), but this is the story I’d most want to read more about. I’m curious if anyone else has read it yet, and what they think. :slight_smile:


Not reading what you posted above yet, got it in my stack from the LCS today. Back in a few days tell ya what I think.

Sounds great, I’m looking forward to hearing your reaction! :slight_smile:

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