Future State: Wonder Woman - Spoilers Discussion

I honestly absolutely loved this issue - so much so that I made a video just to talk about it. Seriously, Yara is awesome and I seriously, seriously, seriously hope this leads to her own ongoing series and such. I’d love to see her show up more. And man, I really hope that the CW show does her justice.

ps. Here is the video

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Oops…Forgot to add link haha

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You’ve got your wish with a Yara tile as Jones will be helming her in a Wonder Girl series.

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Loved it.

My favorite Wonder Woman run out of what I’ve read so far is Azzarello and Chiang’s New 52 stuff. This reminds me of that because it leans heavily into the world of the gods and the mythology of it all. There seems to be lots of world building, with different creatures and settings. The sequence in the underworld was great; imaginative with a bit of added humor to boot.

The pace was fantastic and moved briskly from internal dialogue to action to conversation, while changing settings in a manner that kept every page fresh.

I like Yara, a lot. She has just the right combination of confidence, light heartedness and wit to make her a lot of fun to read.

Beautiful art by Jones. I must say, all of the art in the issues I’ve read of Future State so far has been amazing. DC is making something special.

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Into week 2, this is still my favorite book of FS