Got A Green Lantern Power Battery!

That looks so cool! Does it light up at all?

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unfortunately not haha

Nice! I’ve got the original one. It says Green Lantern on the base, so I turn that side to the wall! Does yours have that?

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haha no it doesn’t and tbh i’m glad it doesn’t !

It’s a cool collector’s item. I have one as well. My best friends have the red and the yellow ones respectively.

Did you say your lantern doesnt light up?
Did you put batteries in the bottom or turn it on? Cause the power battery lights up when you put the ring to the face.

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Here is my power battery, with a complete set of light up power rings and a complete set of metal rings from game stop.

wow i didn’t even realize it was able to do that! thank you!

Here is a picture of it light up.

@comicswithjordan I’m really jealous even showed my wife I have been trying to get one forever!

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It gives off good light too

I had that one as well. Unfortunately a moving accident sent the lantern off the table and shattered on the cement floor

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@CGR2814 omg sorry that sucks

I really relate to your sad, tragic tale of woe.