Green Arrow recommendations.

What are some good Green Arrow books you guys would recommend? I’ve only read his Rebirth books.

You can’t go wrong with Grell. Start with Green Arrow: The Longbow Hunters, and continue from there with his 1988 ongoing series.

Green Arrow: Year One is also a pretty good miniseries.


I second Grell.

Mike Grell’s run in incredible, but if you’re looking for something similar in tone to Rebirth check out the 2001 series that kicks off with Kevin Smith’s Quiver storyline. And Jeff Lemire’s New 52 issues (#17-34) are phenomenal.

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All the ones I was going to suggest 1st are already on here. However, don’t sleep on Black Canary & Green Arrow. I read it just to read the wedding issue, cuz it unofficially tied-into a crossover I was reading, & I wanted to see it from the other characters POV. I ended up reading it all straight thru. Really good, one of the few that had a lot of Cupid involved & the team ups & surprise cameos by some of DC’s most beloved characters is awesome.

Green Arrow/Black Canary was pretty darn fun, especially Judd Winick’s run.

I resonate everyone’s recommendations for Mike Grell’s work starting with the Longbow Hunters mini series and then the main GA series which followed. I also think Kevin Smith quick is outstanding.

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Top 3 Green Arrow stories, best to worst:

  1. Year One
  2. Longbow Hunters/Grell run
  3. Quiver/Smith run