Green Lantern (2007-) #1

Green Lantern (2007-) #1

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Great comic! This is my first time trying Green Lantern. I love it!

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John’s is the best!


@garyschartz You picked a great place to start. This is the run I started Green Lantern with too and I was hooked from the start. After finishing Johns’ run, Green Lantern went from a character I kinda liked in the Justice League cartoon, just enough to give the series a shot, to being one of my absolute favorite superheroes of all time. Johns is probably my favorite comic book writer. I’m not sure how much they put on here, but I hope it goes all the way through Blackest Night. This is a phenomenal run and the one I always recommend to anyone curious about Green Lantern. The character development is deep and moving, the story is gripping, and the action is just plain awesome. All around one of the best runs in comics, easily. I hope they put up the rest of his Flash run as well because I never got to finish it, but I loved it when I was reading it.


currently reading Morrison’s Green Lantern run and this is a great substitute while i wait for the newest issue to drop !


Only getting the first 4 pages of each issue

How strange :confused: I’m sorry to hear that, @aramusrenzo.5650! If you haven’t already, please go ahead and reach out to us via Customer Service so we can look into what’s going on; when you do, please let us know what device you’re using: Submit a request – DC Universe Help Center

I was wondering when this run of GL would finally show up here. I’m excited to go through it again!

Link isn’t working