Green Lantern Corp Show

More original shows with all the hero’s we love. I’m almost out of my Disney watching and watching Netflix over and over. DC needs to step up


OMG! i really want a more mature Green Lantern Corp show. Imagine going through the whole first season building up to the Sinestro Corp War, and then in the season finally you can have a group of Green Lanterns surrounded by some Yellow Lanterns and they are about to die and then just before the end of the episode a message comes across the GL rings " Attention, all members of the Green Lantern Corp. Lethal Force is now authorized" And that’s the end of season. then the whole second season is dedicated to the Sinestro Corp War and its aftermath.

Fair enough. Any “Real World” socio-cultural/political beliefs which I may ascribe to, I always leave behind in the “Real World” and have no expectations that the writers or showrunners will mirror humanity’s need to label and define.
I am just looking to be entertained by widescreen space opera spectacle of the sort that the Green Lantern Corps has always been in the middle of.


Oh do I hope hbo producers read your comment. That is about exactly how it should go down


I’m thinking maybe?,… if it started at EMERALD TWILIGHT and worked it’s way from there may be a cool twist?!? Opens up a lot for the Mythos in either direction you wanna go.


I would love it if the creators went from emerald twilight and then moved forward, but sadly I feel like any GL shows days are numbered and if they go too far back we will never get a pay of.

Ok so what you do is play fast and loose with continuity some. Kyle gets the ring and Alex dies and major force gets his but kicked all that is rising action and climax to the pilot. Resolution is running off into space to try to understand his place in the universe now, maybe due to the arrival of a veteran ex GL(thinking John). First season arc Kyle planet hopping some troubleshooting and not infrequently running into ex GLs. The whole season teases/threatens the sinestro Corp. Kyle decides he needs to reform the Corp and looks for ganthet cause he has something going to that end. Season finale Kyle finds ganthet only to see him snatched up in a yellow hand

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Kyle Rayner is my favourite character and his solo run is my preferred era of Green Lantern, but I’d be shocked if any show or movie didn’t focus heavily on Hal Jordan – possibly mentoring Jessica Cruz.

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Hoping for a solid focus on the corps itself in this new series with some special spotlight placed on these two-

Along with a few solid guest star(heart :grinning:) appearances from this awesome classic-


Hal is still my AllTime Favorite! But I Def. Want to see all Sector 2814 Lanterns represented! Some point Hal is a no brainer and it will happen!.. so give us a heavy dose on John,Kyle… and Jessica sprinkle Guy, Simon in here/there. :joy: (least faves) and have Alan Scott make a special cameo or so here/there as something special fan service

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I think it would be problematic to do an all-female Green Lantern series. We need to keep an open platform and the corps shouldn’t turn into an “all one gender” thing.

Kind of like the all-female Ghostbusters 2016, forcing a theme that wasn’t part of the original is a losing strategy.

The corps celebrates true diversity. So you need a mix of genders/races to represent it.

I’d like to see Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz with strong support members for Hal, Kyle, Guy, and Alan.

I hear you but live in hope. I think Jessica’s character arc would make compelling viewing. I may be biased as I have PTSD from an assault. But beyond my bias as a 90’s child I think Kyle would make an excellent mentor to Jessica. He has a sensitivity rare in lanterns outside sapphires that I think would make him uniquely capable. Kyle Jessica scenes would rock and might build to a compelling romance and is the sort of thing we could only see in an adaptation

This point has been made and conceded. Making it redundantly makes me feel guilty for stating it first

I didn’t mean anything by it. I didn’t see the reply to yours.

Alan Scott steals the show.

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So what do you think about the move making him gay? I normally have resistance to what can be seen as editing characters for diversity. Diversity should inform what comes next(new characters) not edit the past (existing characters). That said, and can’t put my finger on why, I like Alan being gay. The only issue I see is jade and Todd. But their mom was crazy so you can say after that he became male exclusive in part due to that

If they want gay characters then use Obsidian or make one. Alan was straight so keep him straight. Obsidian was gay so keep him gay.

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I agree with Jessica, but honestly John is my least favorite GL. It would be cool to see a little more from Simon Baz

I think the decision to make Alan Scott gay was peek tokenism. I still remember DC announcing that a prominent character of the Universe was going to be gay, and then they announced that it was going to be the Green Lantern of Earth 2 so… Honestly my feelings about race or sex bending of characters is the same. If you want to make a character that you are writing gay that wasn’t then it should inform the story (Earth 2 Green Lantern, even if they only brought Sam back for a couple emotional impact moments.) If the change doesn’t then you get New 52 Wally West or Iris West from the TV show. Not bad characters but you can tell that the writers only changed their race to grab headlines. I can forgive The Flash TV show because we got Joe West out of it, but it is still weird that he was ok with Barry crushing hard on Iris while he was living in the same house. That and Iris is basically Barry’s sister at that point.

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See I was fine with the wests being black. The technically not incest aspect is troubling though I beyond agree. Hooking up with a step sibling seems less awkward. They were raised under the same roof, just kinda icky. The actors make the characters work but that backstory is super creepy

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