Green Lantern Corps (2006-) #10

Green Lantern Corps (2006-) #10

Where is Issue #9?


Evidently there is no need for issue number 9, I get sick n tired of getting screwed over with series on here being incomplete, if they are going to do an entire collection then make it complete. If not just give us the first 3 issues an move on. But don’t be a jerk, and go dur for what ever reason we are leaving one out.

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Issue 9 has returned !!! Feeeewww Crisis resolved. Anyone else have trouble reading issues on here that are not drawn or composed in full pages, where you click to read a cell and it is cut off due to how it is designed on paper, an ya are left with zooming in an out trying to read. Frustrating. Maybe it is only for my laptop haven’t tried it on my PC or tv yet.


I have to agree with Kilowog, I don’t think I would like to see him mad.