Green Lantern: The Animated Series Watchalong [3/15 : 8PM EST]

Greetings Lantern Corps! We are going to continue our Green Lantern: The Animated Series Watchalong! This week, we will have everyone log on to watch episodes 5 and 6, and post below our reactions.

The poll from last time suggested that Sunday afternoon/evenings is the best time for most people. The plan is to watch episode 5 at 2020-03-16T00:00:00Z and episode 6 at 2020-03-16T00:30:00Z, which means stopping the “auto-play-next episode” thing. The nice thing is that it gives us a few minutes to talk about the episode before starting the next one, and anyone that may have been late can catch up or jump in.

If you’ve missed previous episodes with us, that’s no problem. You can watch them before the event or join in without having watched any of it before. Either way, it’ll be fun.

If you have any questions, feel free to message @LanternCorps, @GreenFantern, or @GL-Batophobia.


This one I’ll definitely make it for! Im telling everyone else, I’m busy!

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a true double feature for me with GL:TAS @ 8PM EDT and then Wonder Woman at 9PM. A little tight, but should be doable.

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@LanternCorps Watchalong begins in 1 hour. Hope to see you there!


I was out of town for the first WALs, am I missing anything :rofl:?

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Hal and Kilowog are the best buddy cops.

The Red Lanterns are jerks except for Razor who’s a lovable jerk.

Aya is a weirdly sexy robot GL trying to learn what it means to be hooman.

…Yeah, I think that’s about it.

I’m here! Snacks in hand!

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less than 10 minutes!

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Episode 5, awaiting play input

30 seconds

Oh Hal, you’re such a relic. :laughing:

Maybe knock first next time?

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Hals so smooth


Fun fact, this is actually an adaptation of one of Peter Tomasi’s arcs of GLC going on during Geoff Johns’ run. In that story, it was Guy Gardener and another GL coming to this world.

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Dulok’s uniform looks so much cooler

“Here we go.” guzzles down alien beer

I feel you, Kilowog.

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And so a ship has set sail…!

Are my components properly aligned?


You look fine.

The Razor-Ia tension is actually pretty good

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