Green Lantern: The Animated Series Watchalong [5/10 : 8PM EST]

Quite an impact. Amazing nothing on the ship broke off or even dented

Those little chants are great

Luckily, the locals don’t breathe methane

Razer has some deep pockets

I was expecting a “This snack bites back” line

Mine just finished. Good episode. The light-hearted nature was a good contrast to last time

That was a good episode. might have to make it the official favorite

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I was late because we are finally catching up on (F)TWD. And that includes the Talking portion as well.

No problem. Part of the reason the intermission exists

After all this watchalong action, it’s back to it, for the Talking Dead adjunct


The title music is so good

“No man escapes the manhunters”

“I AM no man!”

This is deeper than i realize. Razer’s “I do not love you” would make this her first move. “this corrosive force”

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Reminds me of Star Fox 64

What a twist of fate

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This show has gotten so intense

They definitely upped the game. next week is Larfleez

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Only 4 episodes left! See you all next week: