Green Lantern: The Animated Series Watchalong [5/17 : 8PM EST]

I need to use the phrase “You popped my Glomulous” more often

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Leggo my eggo

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I will say he was a fun read with New Guardians if you haven’t read it.

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Larfleeze is always great to read

The stars were going out, not doctor who style either


each lantern color has their own effect style. orange is very lightning. red is very fire. i like it


a good bye it is

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Larfleez is one of my more powerful characters on DC Legends

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He’s kinda OP in DC Legends

Like Power Girl / Atrocitus combo

sorry. my old is showing: OP means?

Over Powered

I think Larfleeze is probably in my top 3 lanterns

thanks! will have to try atrocitus & power girl when i recruit her. Atrocitus is in my top 5 most powerful

She gets a bonus from being Enraged and he enrages your team. It’s super annoying to fight against

i feel like i am behind when watching. do you skip the credits?

I usually do. Just go into the next episode and pause it at the beginning

paused on 00:00 of next episode

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Lantern Chummuck is surprisingly annoying with his double hit taunt move

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I tend to avoid credits and “next time on…” bits to avoid spoiling things