Harley Quinn (2016-) #50

Harley Quinn (2016-) #50

I loved this comic! Breaking the fourth wall, hilarious takes on DC characters, and in the midsts of all the fun, there is a beautiful story of a mother and daughter.


@JLWWSA said most of what I was thinking on this story. But want to echo this issue was a lot of fun. It was funny and jas some surprising heart into it. And was great to see Jonni DC again, that was a pleasant surprise.

All the alternate takes on the various DC heroes was great, wish we could have gotten more of some. Guy Gardner, Booster Gold and Blue Beetle as swashbuckling sword fighters was everything I never knew I wanted.
G thought this, but was surprised to see the cameo by Thunderbolt, I didnā€™t think DC could use him anymore.

All in all a fun and well done issue from start to finish.