Harley Quinn-- and RED SKIES--! OH MY! What's your TV? Life is a stream!

That last Arrow episode makes me want to rewatch Season 1 of Arrow. This season of Arrow is the gift that keeps giving.

For the Flash, I watched the whole episode on edge thinking “are we there [at the Crisis] yet, are we there yet, are we there yet.” I love cast on the Flash and seeing them have a somewhat of a preemptive funeral for the Flash was heartbreaking. That last scene though!!!

Supergirl. Ok, so Lena keeps saying she’s trying to save the world. Is she right? I don’t fully understand what she’s working on, but maybe she knows about the Crisis? and Yes!!! on the return of Lex Luthor!

Batwoman. I like the show, but it’s so sad. Alice has gone through so much. The last episode shocked me with the death of her stepmother. Batwoman’s fights scenes are amazing. Can’t wait to see her with our other heroes!

I’m so excited for Crisis!


The red skies are here–


The CRISIS has come.

The Arrowverse will never be the same again.

What was YOUR favorite CW show THIS WEEK? (11/19/19)

This time in multiple choice!

  • Batwoman-
  • Supergirl-
  • Black Lightning-
  • The Flash-
  • Arrow-
  • Yea, I voted for all of them-- despite some rough spots, they were all strong as heck

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This weeks episodes were great. Batwoman was heating up with Alice.

Supergirl getting some Crisis tease. And Manhunter with a nice ending to his bro’s story.

Flash having some zombie terror time and Bloodwork looked awesome in beat form.

Arrow was a great nostalgia trip. Did not know that was Wintergreen in season one. This episode really hit it for me hard. Realizing that this is it for Arrow. The show that started it all is ending.


I really enjoyed him in this episode - and the car!


Also for Crisis I do have a prediction that sadly Martian Manhunter May die. They may do the supergirl death but then SG was Manhunter the whole time as part of some plan. A way to get they iconic Crisis scene and still through a curveball at yah. Man I hope it doesn’t happen but that would be a shocker.

Who doesn’t love the good ole Manhunter Marian Mobile.

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Could this early crossover event have taken place on the Elseworld Earth-66?



Intriguing idea @MisfitMarvel. Mayhaps Green Hornet and Kato will make a blink and you miss it cameo? Or generic, yet recognizable, characters that look like them in some form, given that DC doesn’t own them?

My favorite DC show this week was Watchmen, and Harley Quinn will likely be second. For the CW shows, it was definitely Supergirl.


I … think it’s the same super talented stunt actor who has done China White and various Canary fights across all the shows … unbelievable martial skill whomever she is

ooh, okay so we don’t get the five episodes of Crisis in one week, that’s even better


Arrow was great just for having so much of the extended cast together, but Supergirl did a great job with Lena, Supergirl and Leviathan


Okay-- who voted for all of them without voting for all of them?

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That car is to good lose. If Crisis has to to save one person/place/thing from earth 38, it’s gotta be the car. Kara is second in the list.

I’d be overjoyed to see the GH car make an appearance.

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Ah yes, the Black Beauty. That would be pretty rad to see it in the background of a scene.


Something is wrong with the sky–

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