HARLEY QUINN S1 Ep 01 Premiere Reaction Thread 🚨WARNING! SPOILERS AHEAD! 🚨

Bye bro lol

STF UP lol :joy: you’re joking right?!?

Anyone else claiming to “leave the service” then please, go you never made it past the movie theatre releases of Batman clearly. You’re free to go to Disney + I’m sure they really value you there lol :joy: as they use the money to close the gap on a manolpoly and we are left with Warner Bros and Disney as the only movie and TV show studios in America


Just in case anyone from the home office is reading these, I wanted to mention: I pretty much hate-watched the last four or five episodes of Titans, which had promise, but completely wasted what I think is a pretty terrific cast.

I had resolved to cancel, and just happened to notice that the pilot of Harley had been released. I am a big fan of the Amanda Connor/Jimmy Palmiotti take on the character and consider it to be (no offense at all intended to Paul Dini and Bruce Timm) the definitive version. The obvious affection for that version of Harley, and the completely crackerjack writing and voice talent floored me completely, and I’ve now watched the pilot three times, with extra time spent rewinding certain jokes here and there (Ivy’s reaction to pretty much anything slays me)…

I just wanted to say great job, and as long as this show is on this service and remains this lethal a joke delivery system, I will be a subscriber. Thank you!


Welcome to the community! Also “■■■■ Titans”

(That was like a play on season 1 ep 1 of dicks line… Because the show sucked)

I gotta say I think JLWWSM nailed the ideas about how I feel about this new series. I don’t feel like the show needs to be overally vulgar to draw me in, though adult humor here and there is still fun. The amount of Fbombs does not equal quality. I’m not sure I like the joker design but I’m picky on that and it’s still good. But I love that somewhere deep down Harley has a really smart side to her; visualized as her past self in the photo. I really look forward to a show that has a character that can think for herself and even if it means she’s pushed, she can still make good choices for herself. Even if they are kinda sick, criminal choices in a fictional world.


same, like loud, I was on a train

Why cant I watch the 2nd one yet.keeps saying opps.

The next episode will go up on Friday. It’s just a trailer for now

WOW … what a beautifully written posting.


First episode was pretty funny. Although, I HAAAAATE Harley’s outfit. It feels like everyone who gets their hands on Harley who isn’t Paul Dini wants to put her in the dumbest possible outfit because they want to drool all over it. “Hey, here’s a character whose name is literally Harlequin; LET’S DRESS HER UP AS LITERALLY ANYTHING EXCEPT THE THING SHE’S SUPPOSED TO BE! Next, let’s have Mr. Freeze in summer-wear.”


The best moment was when Jim was playing with the bat-signal, and Batman shows up, and Jim goes “I wasn’t playing with it!” and Bruce just grunts. I laughed out loud at that.


It was a hilarious choice I must say.

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“He f****s bats!” Comedy gold! Whoever thought that punchline up deserves all the writing Emmys for now on! How did they ever think of something so clever?


What a great show! Cant wait for more. Gordon really cracked me up.


I am so thrilled with this first episode!!! I cant wait to keep up with this! :heart::black_heart:


Not into foul mouthed animation. But than again as it has been said in the past, if you don’t care for the contain… don’t watch it. Harley Quinn get a “NO” vote from me… My loss, my ears…

I really loved the first episode. I love how they made Gordon a beaten down man at the end of his rope. It was really perfect lol


The best quote definitely was Jim “the middle-aged” Gordon saying
" On and off, and on and off, everything lives and everything dies"


I didn’t think I would like the show but I saw everyone giving a high reviews so I gave it a watch. What a freaking amazing series. Absolutely loved it.